Why does GridView reset its values to what it was before user edits?

Why does GridView reset its values to what it was before user edits?

If I bind GridView (via DataSourceID attribute) to SqlDataSource and set SelectCommand and UpdateCommand attributes, then everything works perfectly.

But if we manually call GridView.DataBind inside *Page_Load()*, then SqlDataSource doesn’t perform any updates, even though SqlDataSource.Updating and SqlDataSource.Updated events do fire when GridView’s Update button is clicked. I think this is due to the fact that GridView resets to what it was before the user edits:

a) Why does GridView reset its values if we manually call DataBind() inside *Page_Load()*?

b) Since Update operation doesn’t work when manually calling DataBind, I would then assume that Delete operation also wouldn’t work, but it does. Why?


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I believe Page_Load runs before your changes take place, thus you bind the old data before you run the updates.
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Wrap the bind in a If Not IsPostBack when under Page_Load, i believe that will fix your problem.

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You will need to assign the GridView with source and also databind it.

Something along the lines of the following code: .
Page_Load   if(!Page.IsPostBack)  {     gv1.DataSource = GetData();      gv1.DataBind();  } 

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