CMS Storage Systems

CMS Storage Systems

How do you prefer to manage the contents of your site ,

XSLT , SQL , Sharepoint or ... or maybe a mixed version ,

For example you have articles , products , blogs

I saw in different codes that every developer used a different mechanism to store their data , What is yours ? what do you prefer in different cases ? what is the reason ?

Maybe I use Databases for all kind of data , if so what will be the weaknesses of doing so ?

With using databases as a whole solution for everything in the site , we can search our data , analyze the data from any point that we want , getting the statistics and any kind of processing through our data will be possible .

I'm not very familiar with sharepoint because I was busy with other technologies , just I had a glance look at it

thanks for your participation

Edited : -------------- I hope more people to come and give their point of views , thanks

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I think a database offers the best overall solution for storing data in a CMS.

It does have some drawbacks, but so do all the other storage alternatives on the market.. I've blogged a bit about content modeling and how the different storage technologies impact how you can define your content model:

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