Flash AS3 - Access external swf on the same domain

Flash AS3 - Access external swf on the same domain

I ran into this problem and could not solve it, so I have a swf file that loads assets from another swf file, everything's fine, until I put them on the server, they are under the same domain, relative path doesnt work nor does absolute path. This is not even a cross domain problem, since both files are on the same server.

Did anyone ever have the same problem? Thanks.

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If you're using Flex Builder you can set the right -use-network compiler flag.

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If you're using Flash IDE and the content is on the same server, make sure you've got the Local playback security set to 'Access local files only', in the Flash tab under Publish Settings..
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That should do it.

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As Dru stated, what is the error message you are receiving ?.
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The images comes from this article which might come in handy..
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