Delphi 2009: How do I prevent frame children from spilling into host form?

Delphi 2009: How do I prevent frame children from spilling into host form?

Ever since I upgraded to Delphi 2009, I am having terrible experience with TFrame descendants. Basically, the child components of the frame spills into the host form as object and that causes name crash, class not found etc.. In the dfm, the older Delphi used have have the frame as inline and the child components as inherited. Delphi 2009 IDE now expands the children as object.

Edit: I've seen it happen to multiple forms, but I can't reproduce it with small-scale demo application.

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I don't know what happened to your project, but I just created a brand new D2009 application with:
- a main Form,
- an Ancestor Frame holding an Edit1 and a Label1,
- a Child Frame descending from the Ancestor where I added a Label2 and an Edit2
- an instance of the ChildFrame placed onto the Main Form where I moved slightly the Label2.

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Here's the very normal-looking resulting dfm:.
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object MyForm: TMyForm   Left = 0   Top = 0   Caption = 'MyForm'   ClientHeight = 286   ClientWidth = 412   Color = clBtnFace   Font.Charset = DEFAULT_CHARSET   Font.Color = clWindowText   Font.Height = -11   Font.Name = 'Tahoma'   Font.Style = []   OldCreateOrder = False   PixelsPerInch = 96   TextHeight = 13   inline ChildFrame1: TChildFrame     Left = 8     Top = 8     Width = 313     Height = 240     TabOrder = 0     ExplicitLeft = 8     ExplicitTop = 8     ExplicitWidth = 313     inherited Label2: TLabel       Left = 162       ExplicitLeft = 162     end   end end 

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