Ruby and Rails - oauth and http proxy

Ruby and Rails - oauth and http proxy

Does anybody know how to implement an HTTP PROXY with oauth for rails? I'm using the oauth gem but am behind a proxy server.

Finding it very difficult to work this out. Very frustrating!

Thanks for any help,


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Try adding the :proxy property when you create your consumer:.
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@consumer = consumer_key, consumer_secret, {   :site               => '',   :proxy              => '',   :request_token_path => "/oauth/request_token",   :access_token_path  => "/oauth/access_token",   :authorize_path     => "/oauth/authorize"   }) 

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Solution NOT tested Did you try to set the OAuth::Consumer.proxy = http://login:password@ip_address/ You can do this on RequestToken.consumer.proxy or even on AccessToken.consumer.proxy.
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It should from what I've seen in the ruby library..
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Good luck.

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