LaTeX math mode and mbox mode

LaTeX math mode and mbox mode

According to a doc I found around

An \mbox within math mode does not use the current math font; rather it uses the typeface of the surrounding running text.

In math mode, I would like to write something like a_{\mbox{foo}}. If I use this, the foo will be quite big, too big. If I write a_{foo}, foo will be in italic.

What is the magic trick to have non-italic, small text?

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I personally prefer to use the \text{} command provided by the AMS-LaTeX package.

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To use this, you need to include the statement.
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somewhere in your document preamble, and then in any mathematical environment,.
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will produce the desired output.

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Section 6 of the User’s Guide for the amsmath Package mentions that the \mbox{} equivalent is.
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a_{\mbox{\scriptsize foo}} 
A final option is.
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which is what I used before I discovered AMS-LaTeX and the \text{} command..


I usually use the option a_{\rm foo} since this is the shortest form I am aware of.

I'm not sure if there are any caveats though.

I guess the proper form is using the form a_{\text{foo}} suggested by las3rjock.


You can just type a_{\text{foo}}. I did not try, but it should work. EDIT: as las3rjock said, the \text{.} is provided by the AMS-LaTeX package.

So you need to add the \usepackage{amsmath}.


You can use the similar commands \mathmbox or \mathmakebox provided by the mathtools package..

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