Is there a limit on how much JSON can hold?

Is there a limit on how much JSON can hold?

I am using jquery, JSON, and AJAX for a comment system. I am curious, is there a size limit on what you can send through/store with JSON? Like if a user types a large amount and I send it through JSON is there some sort of maximum limit?

Also can any kind of text be sent through JSON. for example sometime I allow users to use html, will this be ok?

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JSON is similar to other data formats like XML - if you need to transmit more data, you just send more data.

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There's no inherent size limitation to the overall JSON request itself.

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Any limitation would be set by the server parsing the JSON request.

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(For instance, ASP.NET has the "MaxJsonLength" property of the serializer.).
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There is no fixed limit on how large a JSON data block is or any of the fields.

. There are limits to how much JSON the JavaScript implementation of various browsers can handle (e.g.

around 40MB in my experience).

See this question for example..


It depends on the implementation of your JSON writer/parser.

Microsoft's DataContractJsonSerializer seems to have a hard limit around 8kb (8192 I think), and it will error out for larger strings.. Edit: We were able to resolve the 8K limit for JSON strings by setting the MaxJsonLength property in the web config as described in this answer:


There is really no limit on the size of JSON data to be send or receive.

We can send Json data in file too.

According to the capabilities of browser that you are working with, Json data can be handled..


Implementations are free to set limits on JSON documents, including the size, so choose your parser wisely.

See RFC 7159, Section 9.

Parsers:. "An implementation may set limits on the size of texts that it accepts.

An implementation may set limits on the maximum depth of nesting.

An implementation may set limits on the range and precision of numbers.

An implementation may set limits on the length and character contents of strings.".


After spend some time (a lot...) finally I solved my problem.. I my case post_limit_size is ok = 20M post_limit_size is not the problem. I solved this change apache parameter "LimitRequestLine" Limit the size of the HTTP request line that will be accepted from the client.. You have to change LimitRequestLine as your needs (default is 8190 bytes) Ex.: LimitRequestLine 100000 On CentOS /etc/httpd/conf.d/php.conf. On Debian /etc/apache2/apache2.conf. NOTE: CHANGE THIS Directive IS NOT recommended, but I don't have other way out. SORRY MY ENGLISH .

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