Change the initial url of the debugger in visual studio 2008 [ASP.NET MVC]

Change the initial url of the debugger in visual studio 2008 [ASP.NET MVC]

I was wondering if there is an option to change the debugger url when I initialize the debugger. I want it to start off at http://localhost:xxxx/controller/view rather than just http://localhost:xxxx/. mvc ajax


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Using Visual Studio? I think you can change the default page to /Controller/View in properties window...

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I'm not sure if designer will let you (because it doesn't map to a file), but you may then be able to edit the project file directly to inject it....
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Sometimes it removes the /controller/view for the default controller..
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To answer my own question it can be done like so:. Go to your project right click Properties then go to Web then change the Start Action's Start Url to http://{port}/{controller}/{view} then click the radio button Use Visual Studio Development Server and click radio button Specific Port to the port in your Start Url and leave Virtual Path to "/".

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