What's the right name for non MVC ASP.Net code?

What's the right name for non MVC ASP.Net code?

I'm building a ASP.Net MVC site, which has some small islands of non MVC code. Is this best called ASP.Net Classic, or Legacy ASP.Net?

Is there some better name two distinguish the two?

I set a property in my custom controller wrapper in OnActionExecuting, how to pass to Site.Master?


Using DataAnnotations 4.0
ASP.NET WebForms is the full name of what i would used to have considered ASP.NET (WebForms and MVC both sit on top of the ASP.NET engine).. Is my System Administrator crazy :-) Does ASP.NET MVC break when the server's Physical Path is in UNC format? Of course, I can't see your code so I'm not sure if it is WebForms code this you're using.. How does the App_LocalResources work with MVC?
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Use database field maxlength as html layout input maxlength best practice. asp.net mvc


ASP.NET WebForms was there before MVC came out. I think WebForms is pretty enough descriptive, even more so when you mention ASP.NET MVC along with it..

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