jQuery .submit() woes with IE8

jQuery .submit() woes with IE8

I am trying to submit a delete link click via a http post to my asp.net mvc controller. While my code below works for chrome it does not work in IE8. Any pointer will be very useful.

Setup:- Browser: IE8 jQuery: 1.4.1 MVC: 2.0

The delete link is:-

<a title="Delete contact" href="/Contacts/Delete/<%= Model.Contact.Id %>" class="delete" rel="Are you sure you want to delete <%= Html.Encode(Model.Contact.Name) %>?">Delete</a> 

and the jqeury handler for the click of delete is

$("a.delete").click(function() { if (confirm($(this).attr("rel"))) {     var form = "<form method='POST' action='" + $(this).attr("href") + '" style='display:none;'></form>";         $(form).submit();     }     return false; }); 

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Aren't you supposed to append the form to body before you can submit it? Not sure how it works in Chrome without that, but try doing something like this-.
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$('<form/>', {     action: "...",     method: "...",     style: "...", }) .appendTo("body") .submit(); 

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Why does this render as a list of “System.Web.Mvc.SelectListItem”s?
IE does not submit disabled elements in a form, so maybe it's the same with empty forms..
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It's not exactly a solution, but I would do that without creating a form.

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You can just use $.ajax or $.post and build the required URL with Url.Action(...), then call document.reload()..

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