ASP MVC - Getting application to restart when starting new debugging

ASP MVC - Getting application to restart when starting new debugging

When editing parts of my project that get called in Application_Start(), i want to have the web app restart every time i press 'Debug', so that i can debug these parts. But if i dont change the Global.asax.cs self, it doesnt restart and therefore doesnt fire the Application_Start().

Is there any setting or trick to let the app restart each time i start a new debug?

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If you are using the development server, simply right-click>stop on the tray icon.

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When it starts back up you will have a fresh new app-domain that needs to execute global.asax..
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Or, in any case, dev or IIS, simply add a space or otherwise modify the web.config file - that will recycle the app domain..
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Update - on further consideration: Have you tried re building..
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Another thought - you could add a 'pre-build event' that 'touches' the web.config using a command line.

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BUT - you will probably want to define a special build configuration with configuration manager that is clearly marked, otherwise you may forget that you are killing your app domain and chase your tail in circles.

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;p. try searching for 'windows touch file timestamp'..

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