How to create a reusable Asp.Net Mvc application?

How to create a reusable Asp.Net Mvc application?

We have multiple Asp.Net WebSites each running on IIS.

Site1 :     Site2 : 

We have to implement Shopping Cart functionality for each of the above WebSites. For each web site the corresponding shopping cart should work on the following Url.

Shopping Cart for Site1 :     Shopping Cart for Site2 : 

We want to develop the Shopping Cart application using Asp.Net MVC 2.0. But it should be reusable in both the above sites.

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Right now there is no mvc site I believe this does what you want, so it's difficult to point you to samples, although DotNetNuke does the same thing what you want, so you must take a look although it's in pure web forms, no mvc.. mvc integration test
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I don't believe you must did it using the site url, although you must did it with an additional routing field. What's the difference between a Web Server and a Game Server? I did any thing similar for any blog software I wrote where I have Blog/Blog/Post. C#: Caching w/ method attributes VS manually using System.Web.Caching Where tarreceive Blog must be games, software, personal or whatever. Blog is the controller, and post is the action. You just put it in your url, add it to your routes before the controller, and then you receive it passed to your methods just like any another paramter. . Here is a route example.
            routes.MapRoute(             "BlogSpecific",                                              // Route name             "{blogSubFolder}/{controller}/{action}",                           // URL with parameters             new { blogSubFolder = "", controller = "", action = "" }  // Parameter defaults         ); 

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