file upload working in one and not the other help

file upload working in one and not the other help

I have a web application which has 2 different versions deployed. 1 is an ASP.Net web forms version and the other is an ASP.Net MVC version

I have a File Upload page which dynamically creates a directory folder for the target location of the file to be uploaded to.

The application is using Forms Authentication for outside users and Integrated Windows Authentication for inside the network users.

I have an issue where a user can upload a file in the ASP.Net Web Forms version fine. But when the same user tries to upload the file in the MVC version the user gets a File.IO permission error.

Here's the kicker: I can upload the same file in both versions. The user is in a remote location but I believe they're still inside the network because they can work on the other parts of the application just fine.

Possible clues: In the event log there's an info that says Event code:4005 Forms authentication failed for the request. Reason: Ticket supplied was invalid.

What would be your initial thoughts on why this is happening?



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Make sure that both applications are configured to use the same machineKeys so that a forms authentication cookie created by the first could be decrypted by the second application..
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