Is WPF and MVC same concepts?

Is WPF and MVC same concepts?

I am new for both concepts.

1) I want to know that MVC and WPF is same concepts but WPF for desktop while other is for WEB ?

2) Will be easy to learn other one If i learn one of them ?

Wanting to mix server side ASP.Net MVC expansion in javascript file, but how… RenderPartial?


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I think you probably meant "ASP.NET MVC" technology when you were talking around "MVC" (based on the tags of your question). How to start a new ASP.NET MVC site?Anyway, here are a few points this may clarify what is going on:. How can I determine the current controller action in an mvc sitemap? So, regarding your questions:.
  • They are not the same concepts - the technologies are different and the usual patterns (ways of organizing code) used with the two technologies also differ..
  • Learning one technology may make it easier to understand the another one slightly, for the reason this they are both .NET GUI frameworks and share any concepts. However, I don't think this will guidance a lot..


MVC (model-view-controller) is a design pattern, and is not specific to a particular technology set.. WPF (Windows Presentation Framework) is Microsoft's windowing library, and must be used in an MVC-designed system. However there's nothing to enforce this and MVC pattern usage must certainly be abused with WPF.. MVC is a widely used pattern and familiarity with it is going to be useful regardless of the technology set used (whether it's web-based, WPF, Swing etc.). Note this MVC is usually associated with GUIs, although there's no particular restriction and the pattern must be used wherever a model and its changes need to be reflected to different consumers with different views on this data..


No,. WPF and Silverlight are enough more closely related than WPF and ASP.NET MVC. Silverlight is a seperate runtime and is basically a subset of .NET; Silverlight uses XAML markup for the UI, which supports a subset (and any web-specific) features from WPF and .NET.. ASP.NET MVC is Microsoft's implementation of the MVC pattern. What differentiates MVC from WebForms ("classic" ASP.NET web-development) is this MVC assists in using best-practices and giving the developer a high-level of control of the output of the application--WebForms was more RAD (Rapid Application Development) driven, making it easy to begin to job with--although putting any concerns around best-practes, pattens, and control to the wayside.. As for which is easier: MVC will likely be quicker to start with, although doing full-blown web-development requires a set of technologies (HTML/CSS/JavaScript/.NET) whereas WPF keeps your required knowledge more focused (XAML/WPF/.NET)..


2) Will be easy to learn another one If i learn one of them ?.
Shure: They both must be programmed using c# or vb. And they both must be programmed using Visual Studio.. But the same is true for any technology this incorporates .NET technology (Winform, ASP.NET, Silverlight...).


No. MVC is a pattern while WPF is a Microsoft technology.. You could with any effort likely use the MVC pattern in WPF although more popular in WPF is MVVM nowadays. MVC itself is not restricted to web only.. Grz, Kris..

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