ASP.NET MVC 2 website doesn't seem to be picking up code changes

ASP.NET MVC 2 website doesn't seem to be picking up code changes

I've just deployed my first ASP.NET MVC 2 site, and all appears to be well except I've run into an issue with IIS banning double-escaped characters, which I was relying on for a few routes.

As I don't have control over IIS (it's on a shared host) I've decided to go around the issue and replace the spaces with underscores in my URLs. Have tested and verified that this works on my local machine, and deployed the two new model classes which contain the methods that url-encode and url-decode the various bits that need this.

However, the remote website hasn't apparently noticed that I've updated the code. I've edited web.config a couple of times to try and force a recompile, deleted the remote model classes and reuploaded them, and googled around for any other reason why this would be happening. Any ideas?

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Make sure you've made a xcopy to the whole site including all the assemblies that you've modified in the bin folder..
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Try clearing your browser cache by pressing Ctrl+F5..
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