WordPress 3.0 custom post type with upload

WordPress 3.0 custom post type with upload

Is there a way to insert one (or more) upload field on a custom post type edition page?

I don't want to use the midia gallery with all the fields and stuff.

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This is a fairly basic example, but it should get you on your way;.
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function my_upload_field() {     echo '<input type="file" name="my_upload_field" />'; } add_action('init', create_function('',     'add_meta_box("my_upload_field", "Upload File", "my_upload_field", "post");'));  function handle_upload_field($post_ID, $post) {     if (!empty($_FILES['my_upload_field']['name'])) {         $upload = wp_handle_upload($_FILES['my_upload_field']);         if (!isset($upload['error'])) {             // no errors, do what you like         }     } } add_action('wp_insert_post', 'handle_upload_field', 10, 2); 
Check out the codex on add_meta_box, and take a look at wp_handle_upload() (line 239 wp-admin/includes/file.php as of 3.0) for more information..
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