WordPress: Isolating posts on a certain topic, to one section of a site

WordPress: Isolating posts on a certain topic, to one section of a site

First, I've only programmed a lot of HTML, know a little PHP and am playing with Wordpress, experimenting and learning it the way I learn everything else, trial and error, heavy on the error.

The subject line isn't very clear I'm sure. I have a site set up for writing. The posts act as categories and to a Page menu for static submissions. All posts, in the theme show up on page 1, 2, etc. Great.

What I'm trying to figure out and want is this. I want a separate section of Posts just for one topic, in this case movie reviews. So the main section of the site is general posting. I want a separate section where users can post to their hearts content but have those movie posts REMAIN in one section and not be mixed in with the "general population." Ok, they click on the Movie Review link on the main page. This takes them to the Site Admin where they can write a review in TinyMCE and Publish it. IS there a way that these Posts can show up in a section of their own?

I've even installed a second WP site for this purpose. Wonderful, but now I have to transfer all registered users there and any new ones. That's insane. Plus, the user would have to log in twice, once for the original and once for the Movie WP. Also unacceptable.

If I'm on the wrong site to ask this question, let me know and my apologies. Otherwise, some guidance would keep me from my endless Google search.

Which CMS uses an ORM (Object-relational mapping)


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You must use Categories to mimic this. How to exclude posts in taxonomy based on custom field?So your movie reviews would be at mysite.com/category/movie-reviews/. Wordpress jQuery Post Attachment Image Gallery?You would then modify index.php to exclude the movie reviews category from the main page.. Display Values from Custom Tables in wordpress Admin Panel If you're comfortable with using php, you could instead use custom post types. get last inserted id from wordpress $wpdbThis is a better solution, although would require more custom coding. Wordpress popularity contest to only track posts from a specific categoryThe bottom of the Codex page I linked to has any excellent walkthroughs on using CPTs.. OpenSource alternatives on XCloner [closed]

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