Add facebook like button in wordpress e-commerce site

Add facebook like button in wordpress e-commerce site

I'm building wordpress e-commerce site (using wp e-commerce plugin), so i added Facebook Open Graph Protocol, so now my site is connected to facebook and i can put facebook like button for the entire web site or for pages or for posts,but i want to add like button for all of the products of my sites, i tried many plugins but none of them works for me. I read on some forums that i should add some code to single-product.php, but there are 3 files with that name. If anybody knows how this works, please help me. Thanks.

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You must find a detailed tutorial on how to integrate the Facebook Like Button with Wordpress on my blog here:. Wordpress jQuery Post Attachment Image Gallery? ton-integration/. Display Values from Custom Tables in wordpress Admin Panel If you follow the steps you should be able to add the XFBML tags anywhere in your theme.. get last inserted id from wordpress $wpdb
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